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Below are listed references and examples of assignments carried out by Caroline Supriyanto-Breur, certified translator for the Indonesian language and owner-manager of Antara Translations.
In 2008 I was asked by Andri Wibisana to translate the summary of his PhD thesis "Law and Economic Analysis of the Precautionary Principle" (ISBN 978 90 5278 714 5) from the English and Indonesian language into the Dutch language.


In August 2007, Caroline and Ignatius Supriyanto translated the Javanese of the film Opera Jawa by the well-known Indonesian director Garin Nugroho into Dutch for YLF Vertalingen, who provided the film's subtitles.

Late 2005, the NIOD published three DVDs entitled "The Netherlands East Indies during the Second World War". InVision Ondertiteling B.V. provided the subtitles for this film and Antara Vertalingen the translation from Indonesian to Dutch.



The translation from English into Indonesian of three scientific articles commissioned by l'Ecole Française d'Extrême Orient (EFEO) Paris. These articles are part of an anthology about the history of translating with regard to the Indonesian and Malay languages (expected publication date in 2005).

At the request of the University Medical Centre (UMC) Utrecht, Antara Translations has undertaken to provide free of charge the final editing of the translation into Indonesian of the website (no longer active) . This website is an initiative of the UMC Utrecht in the wake of the disaster that struck Asia on 26 December 2004. Tisei is an abbreviation of Tsunami International Survey on Emotional Impact.


DPW van Stolk Holding B.V. in Rotterdam is a fast-growing trading company specialised in timber. Antara Translations regularly provides translations for this company.

"Antara Translations has proven to be fast, accurate, reliable and pleasant to work with."
DPW van Stolk Holding B.V.


From Saturday 13 December 2003, for the duration of a whole year, there was a hole in the earth in the square in front of the Diergaardesingel in Rotterdam, right in the heart of town. The other end of the hole was in Daarut Tauhid in Bandung, Indonesia. For the execution of this artistic idea by the Japanese artist Maki Ueda, CELL - initiators of incidents - designed the website (no longer active) for which Antara Translations translated the Dutch texts into Indonesian.

Commissioned by the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF), Caroline Supriyanto-Breur co-translated the book Onderzoek van het Bewegingsapparaat (Study of the locomotor apparatus) from Dutch into Indonesian. She was also responsible for the final editing of the translation. At the time, 2000 copies of this translation were offered by the KNGF in Jakarta to its Indonesian counterpart for distribution among its members.



In the period 1993-2000, commissioned by the Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC) in Leiden, Caroline Supriyanto-Breur worked as an assistant-editor for research and translation for the "Indonesian-Dutch Dictionary Private Law". The project was funded by the Royal Dutch Academy of Science and the Ministry of Justice. The Indonesian partner in this project was the Institute for National Law Development (BPHN). On 1 April 1999 the first volumes were presented by Prof. E.M.H. Hirsch Ballin to the then ambassador of Indonesia, Mr Abdul Irsan . The complete Indonesian-Dutch Dictionary Private Law was published in late 2000 and consists of six separate volumes: "Law of Civil Procedure", "Law of Persons and Family Law", "Commercial Law", "Law of Contracts", "Law of Property" and "Tax Law, Labour Law, Conflict of Laws".

1999 saw the publication in both the Netherlands and Indonesia of the "Dutch-Indonesian Legal Dictionary". This dictionary was completed with the co-operation of Caroline Supriyanto-Breur.





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