Antara Translations - indonesia specialist


Since 1995 Antara Translations has provided (sworn) interpreting and translating services from and into a growing number of languages, of which its in-house specializations are Indonesian and Javanese.

During the past 20 years we have enriched and deepened our experience in the translation of:

  • legal documents
  • personal documents
  • business publications
  • scientific work
  • websites etc.

Antara Translations' clients include:

  • the business sector
  • government departments
  • courts
  • law firms and solicitors' offices
  • private clients

Antara Translations works only with highly qualified (sworn) interpreters and translators, who have gained a wide experience in the relevant language combinations and disciplines. Customer friendliness, professionalism and discretion are the qualities we consider to be of paramount importance.

Antara Translations is run by Caroline Supriyanto-Breur, M.A., certified translator for the Indonesian language, member of the Netherlands Society of Interpreters and Translators (NGTV), KTV number 5254, WBTV number 6.

   The NGTV terms and conditions apply to all our services.


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